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Sustainability Policy.

Tringmain Security is committed to protecting & enhancing local & global environments & ensure that activities are carried out in a sustainable way...

To Meet This Policy Aim, We Will Endeavour To:

  • Be Aware of all New Environmental Legislation & Regulations.
  • Comply with all Environmental Legislation & Regulations.
  • Minimise Energy Use & its Associated CO2 Emissions.
  • Maximise the Use of Renewable Energy Sources where Possible.
  • Minimise the Generation of Waste.
  • Maximise the Re - Use of Materials & Products.
  • Maximise the Use of Recycled Materials & Products.
  • Maximise the Recycling of Materials & Products.
  • Minimise Raw Material Consumption.
  • Maximise the Use of Material from Renewable Sources.
  • Minimise Polluting Emissions to Air, Land & Water.
  • Minimise the Use of Polluting Forms of Transport.
  • Assess the Environmental Impacts of all Working Practices & Product Manufacture.
  • Assess the Whole Life Environmental Performance of all Purchases.
  • Maximise the Use of Local Products & Local Workforce.
  • Minimise the Use of Water.
  • Ensure that Design & Construction is Undertaken in a Manner Compatible with Sustainable Development.


To Further The Aims Of This Policy We Will:

  • Provide Adequate Environmental Training for all Staff.
  • Assess the Environmental Performance of all Suppliers.
  • Develop a Set of Environmental Targets & Action Plans.
  • Review this Environmental Policy & its Action Plans Periodically with a View to Continuous Improvement.
Policy Dated

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