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Grievance Procedure at Tringmain Security.




  The following procedure shall be applied to settle all disputes or grievances concerning an employee or employees of the Company (but excluding those relating to redundancy selection).










2.   Principles:
(i)   It is the intention of both parties that employees should be encouraged to have direct contact with management to resolve their problems.
(ii)   The procedure for resolution of grievances & avoidance of disputes is available if the parties are unable to agree on a solution to a problem.
(iii)   Should a matter be referred to this procedure for resolution, both parties should accept that it should be progressed as speedily as possible, with a joint commitment that every effort will be made to ensure that such a reference takes no longer than seven working days to complete.
(iv)   Pending resolution of the grievance, the same conditions prior to its notification shall continue to apply, except in those circumstances where such a continuation would have damaging effects upon the Company's business.
(v)   It is agreed between the parties that where the grievance is of a collective nature, i.e. effecting more than one employee, it shall be referred initially to (ii) of the procedure.
(vi)   If the employee's immediate supervisor/manager is the subject of the grievance & for this reason the employee does not wish the grievance to be heard by him or her, it shall be referred initially to (iii) of the procedure.





3.   The Procedure:
(i)   Where an employee has a grievance, he shall raise the matter with his or her immediate supervisor/manager.



  If the matter has not been resolved at (i), it shall be referred to a more senior manager or director or fellow employee, if requested shall be present. A statement summarising the main details of the grievance & the reasons for the failure to agree must be prepared & signed by both parties.
(iii)   In the event of a failure to agree, the parties will consider whether conciliation or arbitration is appropriate.

The Company may refer the dispute to the Advisory Conciliation & Arbitration Service, whose findings may, by mutual prior agreement, be binding on both parties.

Procedure Dated

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