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Exor Accredited Database:

We are Recognised as an Accredited Supplier & Contractor to Exor's 'Gold' Level, & We Have Attained the Following Level of Vetting Standards...

Accreditation Standards.
Core to Exor's service is the standard of there independent vetting & accreditation process which they apply to all suppliers & contractors. These standards are recognised as being the highest in the UK with anything from 50 to 200 separate checks carried out on each company depending on the accreditation level chosen; checks include...

  • In-depth Financial Analysis & Scoring.
  • Health & Safety Compliance.
  • Insurance Confirmation & Tracking.
  • Licence & Permit Confirmation & Tracking.
  • Independent Reference.
  • Equal Opportunities Compliance.
  • Probity Checks.

Constant Monitoring.
Following Accreditation, Exor uniquely continues to monitor compliance with the standards this is done by using multiple third party information sources & performance feedback from our clients. Companies are suspended or removed from the database for poor performance or non compliance.

Exor Central Database.
Exor maintains a nation-wide, central database of suppliers that have met the relevant Exor level of Accreditation; the database is constantly monitored continuously updated using information collated from multiple sources and from supplier feedback. From this database we deliver a tailored Accredited Database specifically for your organisation.

You specify the supplier categories, numbers of suppliers, level of accreditation and standards for different levels of expenditure to suit your own procurement strategy.

Best Value in Procurement.
An Exor Accredited Database enables the introduction of an auditable, organisation-wide best value purchasing capability, providing genuine revenue savings. An Exor supplied database is able easily to integrate into any existing technology infrastructure as well as current or future e-government initiatives including the Local Government on-line programme.

Exor additionally offers a simple “3 click” supplier selection system EPASS, which provides an easy way of selecting pre-qualified suppliers to be invited to bid for contracts or purchases EPASS system includes an Autorotation capability to ensure a fair distribution of work to any qualified supplier as well as providing an auditable record of activities.

EPASS facilitates a feedback mechanism for supplier activity and performance collaboration between PSA's within the Exor network. For example common suppliers can be identified and purchasing linked, or highlighted as a potential risk.

Inward Investment and Urban Regeneration.
Exor employs a tiered accreditation approach specifically designed for those public bodies seeking to develop holistic procurement strategies and support the social responsibility aspects of procurement; this is especially important for its impact on the local business community. Exor enables you to bring all your local suppliers into a unified purchasing system, with each supplier approved for contracts appropriate to their category risk and transaction value. To help companies that are new to accreditation the Exor service can be used to implement a “staircase” programme; this enables suppliers to continue to trade with the authority whilst being assisted in achieving the appropriate levels of accreditation for their category over an agreed timescale.

Where certain areas of procurement are to be allocated to Strategic Partners an Exor database provides the ability to weave into negotiations a mechanism to identify local accredited suppliers; this enables the Strategic Partner to include local suppliers in the execution of their contracts.

A number of Exor clients already provide access to their own Accredited Suppliers to local residents as an added value service. This has the added benefit of providing additional value and incentive to suppliers interested in the consumer market to join the scheme.

Tiered Accreditation Levels.
With assistance from Exor Business Analysts, each PSA decides on the level of accreditation required for each category of work or purchase. Typically these are allocated according to average spend, risk, local conditions and the desired supplier adoption policy.

Exor provides three levels of accreditation Bronze, Silver & Gold...

The 'Gold' level of accreditation enables a supplier to be considered for any type of procurement from discretionary purchasing through to OJEC projects.

Silver is applied to medium risk / value categories & or sub contractors.

The entry level, Bronze, is applicable to low risk / value categories and small independent local businesses or as a first step on PSA specific staircase accreditation programmes.

Each of the three levels of accreditation has a range of compliance checks appropriate to the relevant level of spend; this ensures that local suppliers can be included in the supplier database for low value projects whilst major contractors can be pre-qualified to OJEC standards.

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