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Tringmain Security’s Approach.

Tringmain Security is committed to ensuring that we provide equal opportunities in employment to our existing staff & anyone who applies for a job with us because It makes good business sense, it is in line with good practice elsewhere & we are legally required to do so.

Policy Statement.
What is Expected of Employees.
Local Action Plan.
Support for Employees.

Policy Statement.

Tringmain Security has adopted the following statement:

"Tringmain Security reaffirms its opposition to unfair discrimination in employment & expresses its commitment to a comprehensive policy of equal opportunity. To this purpose the Tringmain Security will ensure that the selection, training & promotion of staff are based solely on the criteria of merit & ability & that therefore no job applicant or employee will receive less favourable treatment on grounds of age, disability, ethnic or nationality, gender, sexual orientation, domestic circumstances or marital status, political or religious belief".

What is Expected of Employees ?

Whilst the main responsibility for providing equal opportunity is that of the employer, individual employees at all levels also have responsibilities. Tackling discrimination requires a commitment by all. In particular, individual employees MUST NOT:-

  • Themselves discriminate, for example as supervisors or a person responsible for selection decisions.
  • Encourage or attempt to encourage other employees to practice unlawful discrimination such as refusal to accept employees from particular racial groups.
  • Harass abuse or intimidate / victimise other employees & members of the public.
  • Each Tringmain Security employee will be responsible for his or her own behaviour being acceptable within the terms of the Policy.

It is a condition of service that employees adhere to Tringmain Security ’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

Local Action Plan.

  • Carrying out fair recruitment procedures.
  • Providing training for all staff on equal opportunities issues to promote greater awareness & to promote anti-discriminatory behaviour.
  • Providing equal opportunities in recruitment & selection training to all recruiting officers & members.
  • Way of a recruitment complains procedure which can be used by job applicants or any employee who feels they have been treated unfairly.
  • Regularly monitoring & reviewing employment policy & practices.
  • Consulting with employees through the various oral & written means.
  • Advertising jobs publicly including the Internet.

Support for Employees.

  • Flexible working arrangements.
  • Part-time / job share opportunities.
  • Training Policy enabling employees to gain qualification / skills to develop career opportunities.
  • Maternity, Paternity & leave schemes.
  • Harassment Policy to deal with racial, sexual, bullying issues.
  • Compassionate leave / Special leave (e.g. to enable employees to deal with a breakdown in childcare arrangements, or other family emergency situations; for religious / cultural purposes, or to attend meetings for the purpose of adopting a child).
  • Assurance that you are being treated fairly & given equality of opportunity.
  • Improved access for disabled people.
  • Interview Guarantee Scheme for disabled applicants who meet the essential criteria.

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